React Redux: test UI and useSelector

How to test a stateless component importing useSelector

I started a project with CRA and I added redux-toolkit and redux-mock-store into it.

We should have 3 file which represent our slice of store regarding conversion rate.


This slice of store, will be linked to our conversion component in this way


Now, make sense “mock” the methods: useSelector and useDispatch (provided by react-redux library) like this:

jest.mock(‘react-redux’, () => ({
useDispatch: jest.fn(),
useSelector: jest.fn()
// you can add it in the setup file or in every single test file if necessary

Make sense to test: start point, loading state and success state.


So in the second test we are able to understand how our UI reacts when isLoading = true,
in the third when the API is resolved and we have the conversion rate.

In the next article we’ll see how to test the store (reducer, action, selector).

Thanks :)



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